Week 3! Well, I was right to be worried after my last weekend’s madness - Jessica whooped me good. Jess claims that a solid leg workout is a great way to punish a dude! So naturally, she slammed me with one hell of a leg workout. Some stand out exercises were: jump squats onto the bosu, one legged burpees, bench jumps and jumping lunges on the bosu. Once my legs were good and toasted we switched to core. I never knew there were so many different variations of the plank. Planking with my feet on the bosu and my arms on the Swiss ball was an extra special treat (sarcasm). This was one seriously challenging workout!

As usual, at the end of the workout we spent some time working on my shoulder. I haven’t felt this confident/strong in my shoulder in a long time. Jess is always very careful with form during any exercise, but when my shoulder is involved she is extremely aware of it – and is protecting it with full attention on my control. I really recommend a personal trainer for when you are coming back from an injury – group classes and working alone is not a good plan. If someone isn’t carefully watching form for you, it is very easy to push too hard (likley sacrificing form by swinging limbs as a result) and re-injure yourself. Since working with Jess, I am seeing a steady improvement in strength and continued improvement in mobility in my shoulder – it is pretty exciting. My shoulder hasn’t given me any issues while doing push-ups or dips, which is incredibly encouraging and a very welcomed change from before. I can’t wait until we can dive into overhead presses etc., but that is still a few weeks out (Jessica adds: months! Sorry Ryan… patience will help you win in the long run...). The next steps for my shoulder involve checking in with an RMT for him to provide Jess with some feedback on the type/extent of the damage and the scar tissue. I am all about this next step – who would ever turn down a massage from a pro?  Not this guy!

Over the long weekend I had a few drinks with some friends – nothing too crazy, but I still felt guilty. So I decided to go for a 10K run and it took me FOREVER!! When I "MapMyRun"-ed it, it turned out it was 16km (10 miles) – which explains why it took so long for me to finish, haha!  I didn’t realize how massive the cardio gains I was getting from Jessica’s program are. Considering I hate to run, and never run (only went on 3 runs all summer), it's pretty incredible that all of a sudden I can run a continuous 16KM. Coincidentally, the tough mudder race is 11miles and after my run on Saturday I know I will be at the very least able to run the distance (although tough mudder is nothing but inclines and declines – so it might feel like a lot more). This weekend I intend to go up to St. Clair and run 10K up and down the big inclines between St. Clair and Dupont.

Wish me luck – have another training session with Jessica in 10minutes!