No news is good news! Hi everyone, it's me again. I am happy to report: there is nothing major to report!

Workouts are on schedule and leg is almost 100%. I am able to play sports again (but warming up before and stretching after). It’s hard to stay on top of stretching, because standing still is impossible for me. But, I don’t want to get re-injured! Our team made it to the finals in baseball and lost by one run (this was a real heartbreaker). Our football team managed to finish the season without a win (frustrating, but expected). Playing ball-hockey Mondays and Thursdays for the winter!

Jessica and I have stuck with the same strength-based workout regime, and it is working! I feel great, shoulder feels strong, back and chest feel strong, feeling very good overall.

Diet is still my biggest challenge. But I am including more salads, less burgers and trying to make the healthier choices at each meal. I am by no means perfect (pizza and beers are still my Achilles heel – and always will be it seems) but I am getting better. Jessica says: Never strive for perfection. Strive to make each day a little better than the one before. To have a day of complete nutrition with a bit of indulgence.

I am working my way back into a solid routine, and very excited about the positive strides I have been making! The biggest challenge this past week has been balancing work with my workouts, but working out when I am stuck working late has been a great way to recharge my batteries, re-focus and increase productivity for the next few hours.

Anyhow, things are great! If anyone has any questions for my next post, I would be happy to respond to them next week!