Well hello again! Two weeks in a row – I am on fire!

I have been sticking with the weight training/yoga schedule. And the diet has been fine – with one small (large) exception: I went to Tremblant from Thursday to Sunday for an alumni party. Needless to say the beers were flowing pretty heavily and it was hard to come by a decently prepared healthy meal. I do not regret it, as it was the ‘last hurrah’ so to speak before I dive heavily into the level 3 cfa material. Quite frankly, giving up beer after a weekend like that seems a lot easier haha.

Last year I found sticking to a training schedule much easier when it was worked in tandem with my study schedule. I find it really helps to organize my study time around a workout schedule – I even find myself more productive during the study time if I have just worked out or no I have a workout right after a block of study time! I am really looking forward to stepping up the diet as well, I have often been told a good diet makes it way easier to study/retain complex information! I am hoping that this will be even more incentive to help me clean up my diet. I have made great strides in limiting the quantity of garbage I am taking in – the next step is increasing the quality/quantity of good food into the diet.

I live with one of the gentlemen chefs from Whitebridge (a new business focused on providing unique dining experiences) - so I have been getting the benefit of the occasional meal as he works on his menu. These meals would all get the Manning seal of approval. I have tried a handful of meals and they are all delicious and nutritious - made with fresh ingredients and providing balanced nutrition. Last night was brazed lamb with fresh greens – and it's safe to say it blew my mind.

Talk soon friends!