TOUGH MUDDER hoooorah!

To steal a line from my new friend and fellow Mudder-er, Marek: “I am not goal-oriented, I am results-driven”. Jessica’s program delivered some serious results on race day! If you remember from my second post, I could barely keep up on a 5km run with Jordan when I started with Manning. I only went on a total of 3 runs this summer, but you wouldn’t have guessed that on the course. My cardio has come way further than even I was aware of! Haha. Jessica’s circuit system is grueling, but man-o-man it was effective in getting my cardio up to snuff.

We kept a very solid clip throughout the race, I felt light on my feet (even for a big guy - ha). All those variations of lunges, crunches, planks, burpees, squats and push-ups gave me the power to tackle the course, and the circuit training gave me the endurance to do so in a competitive time. Without inflating my sports ego too much, I have to admit I was shocked by how well we did and also by how strong my shoulder felt throughout the race – no injuries!! We completed the course in just under 2.5 hours – which supremely exceeded my goal of “surviving the course”. I have a long way to go before I start hitting all of my fitness goals, but one of them (potentially the most important one) is to have fitness integrated into my lifestyle so I can do challenges like this. I had a huge smile on my face after the race and texted Jess right away. I am so grateful for her guidance through this process. I give Jessica and my race teammates full credit for my success on that day!

If anyone out there is considering training for an event like this – one thing I learned the hard way was that the toughest thing about the course was getting up the hills (down was easy). There were a number of hill climbs in the course and it was a clear weak point for our team. Next year – and believe me there will be a next year – I plan on training hills regularly. I would recommend hill training (and working with Jessica haha) to anyone tackling the race. If you are looking to challenge youself physically and mentally, and you are able to risk the potential injuries that can occasionally come with it, the Tough Mudder is a great option! Plain and simple, it was just way too much fun.

Unfortunately our team had to back out of the triathlon, so I am trying to figure out my next fitness-related challenge! If anyone knows of a fun fitness adventure let me know! Seriously though... any ideas?

This week I have a bigtime homework assignment from Jess – I might have just completed 16km and 19 obstacles but that doesn’t get you off the hook with Manning. It's back to business. I have included the workouts below so you can feel my pain, too. Haha. I plan on getting at this tonight!

Two days this week, do the following:

25 min total Sprint 1 min, walk 1 min. Warm-up with light job first for 3 minutes, and finish with 3 minutes.

Two days this week, do the following: Mountain climbers, 40 Jump Squats, 20 Push-Ups, 50% 3 cnt hold (push up halfway, hold 3 counts, lower fully and press all the way up) 8-10 Lunge with Row, 20-25s, 14-16 Rocking Plank 20 Scissor Crunch (park workout) 20 Bicycle Crunches 40 Lateral Raise, 15lb, 15

Repeat this circuit 3 times.

Wish me luck guys!