Well it's been a while since we checked in with Ryan. After the discomfort he had in his ankle from too much running too soon, he then got sick with strep throat, and soon after had his wisdom teeth taken out! Talk about setbacks.

We had to miss several strength sessions, not to mention the guy wasn't doing too much on his own while he was recovering. Not only was he not doing much training, but he wasn't doing too much eating, either! Eating solid foods is incredibly painful during BOTH strep throat and post-wisdom teeth removal.

As a result, Ryan lost a good chunk of weight. Yes, he maintained some of the muscle that we built, but our goal moving forward now is to get his appetite back up to shovel good, clean foods into his body and to put his competitive attitude toward his strength workouts again. With consistency, Ryan can put on between 5-10lbs of muscle over the next few months.

Ryan pre-training, pre-illness. 211 lbs.

Ryan coming back to training after illness. 193 lbs

One thing that you learn as a trainer is that certainly, your goals for a client don't mean anything. The client must really want the results that you outline. It's not natural for clients to be 100% gung-ho, 100% of the time. Life can get distracting, goals waver, commitment even wavers. And, life will throw setbacks at you! Family things, illnesses, breakups...

One of the biggest reasons I like doing these Training Diaries is to show the real-life struggle of accomplishing goals. At the end of the day, it always boils down to consistency. Maintaining a structure that you feel you could for the rest of your life, and not just something short-lived. And, obstacles arrive! How does one cope with those obstacles? Do you keep brushing your teeth amid obstacles? Hope so. Do you keep exercising? Hope so, but not always. Ryan has been maintaining his strength workouts, despite our scheduling issues and some other interruptions such as a trip to Mexico (so jealous of you, Ryan). And certainly, he's diligently applying nutrition tips that he's learned and is eating in a very different way than when we started. Slip-ups here and there, of course, but that's life, and occasional indulgences are just fine.

What he and I will discuss as we move forward in January is a new list of goals. We moved through Tough Mudder and a Triathlon, and then we hit obstacles. Ryan is a client who needs short-term goals to keep him healthy and motivated in the long-term. So, Ryan, start brainstorming what things you want to accomplish in 2013. And let's go get it.