What a week! Only when I think my workouts have reached their peak of intensity, once again, Jess kicks it up a notch! Funny thing is at the end of my sessions I'm left wanting more! What is happening? I used to hate all of it; now Jess says "Okay, we're all done" I quickly respond with: "Let's do one more set of chest press!" I'm pumped and can't get enough!(Jess' note: That's because I told you they'd make your collarbone pop ;) Readers, don't do more chest than beck exercises, ever, because it will create an imbalance and can lead to bad posture.)

I've been very good with my diet this week with a few indulgences of dark chocolate, ginger snap cookies and a tall non-fat Tazo chai latte from Starbucks. All are good in moderation, and I'm opting for small portions.

The cravings come and go, but I manage them by substituting what I'm craving with something healthier that still gives me the flavour I'm looking for. Jess’ new suggestion: substitute chocolate or a craving for something sweet with dates. Is that going on my grocery list? Definitely!

We're always on the hunt for the best products, styles and trends. I've been on the hunt for the healthiest recipes and cleanest ways to eat. I'm constantly looking for resources. It was a challenge taking in all that I was learning, because I felt overwhelmed with information and found myself wanting to go out and buy every natural organic product out there (even to change my skincare and makeup!). The thing I've learned this past week is to be careful with how I use this information, and to not become obsessed. It's so easy to get sucked into what you read and hear. Change is certainly good, but only if it’s realistic and manageable. With Jess' help, I'm taking what I learn and adapting it to my lifestyle and making it work with my body and diet. I'm learning that changing your lifestyle doesn't necessarily mean going from one extreme to another, it just means making modifications along the way to a healthier life. What does healthy mean for you? Everyone is different, you have to find what works for you.

Jess' note: Baby steps in the right direction are still progress! And progress, and moving in the right direction, overrules everything in terms of importance. Things stick. Well done.