What a week! As it gets closer to the wedding, my schedule seems to be getting crazier and crazier. Despite my ridiculous schedule, I have managed to get in 5 workouts and have managed to stay on top of my food! I had my dress fitting on Wednesday and I wish I could post pictures now - but I can’t just yet ;). It looks great! There is a huge difference between the time I got the dress and my last fitting. Hard work sure does pay off! I didn’t think this would be a challenge but now I have to maintain this weight and size until the wedding day. I’m so used to my workout schedule and eating such light meals that I worry I will lose a little more by then. However, with Jess’ help and her tips on nutrition I will be able to maintain for the next month. She has created a program and has given me suggestions on what to eat. This works out great since she’ll be gone for 2 weeks so I can use this to manage things on my own.

I have been going out to eat more recently with friends, and I thought I’d have a hard time eating healthy but Jess has always told me, wherever you go there is always a “better” option. So this past weekend we went to Le Select Bistro, and of course they had amazing options on the menu that I knew would not be the best choices for me. I opted out of those, and in for the salmon and quinoa salad. It was good. I could have had something else, but since I had indulged in a bit of sangria and chips earlier that day I knew I had to keep it clean the rest of the night. And once again it’s all about… balance!