These past two weeks have been up and down for me, both with food and my exercises.The majority of my meals have continued to be clean except for a day last week where I felt like I could eat anything and everything - I described it as feeling like a bottomless pit. I got so fed up that I texted Jess freaking out. She suggested doing some cardio. Jess says that in moments like that you just need to exercise and move around. I distracted myself with the run and was able to stop thinking about wanting to eat. After that one day I was able to refocus and continue eating clean, but I had no desire to work out. This was my long week at work where I have to work 9 days in a row, and sometimes when I have long weeks like this I am left with no energy near the end of the day. The last thing on my wishlist is a workout. Jess says to not see it as another task, but to see it as something good you’re doing for yourself; it may even help me relax better. So in times like that I’m going to try and push myself to get some sort of exercise, either a walk, run or a strength workout. (Jess says: Workouts are meditative!) I’m off on my honeymoon in less than a week! This past week we’ve spent some time planning out our itineraries and of course that meant planning where we would eat. I thought this would be the difficult part as we would like to be healthy but still enjoy the best of Hawaii. To enjoy does not mean to indulge in everything. This past year I have learned to eat healthy and to create a balance with food wherever I am. Our honeymoon is no exception. My husband asked what our plan for food is. I said our plan is to continue what we’ve been doing. We’ve made a lifestyle change so the habits we have here we’ll carry through our travels. Will I stay on top of my workouts? I am going to try my darn best to get some strength and cardio in; the things we have planned in our itinerary will keep us moving and active as well. Jess will give us a program to do while we’re away as well as a list of tips to keep in mind when deciding what to eat, to remain energized and feeling fresh. I’ll be keeping it simple and balanced!

Here is a photo of a raw carrot cake I made this past week. It was delicious and clean! I couldn’t stop licking the bowl with the cashew vanilla icing. Note to self: only have once slice and share the rest so it doesn’t sit in the fridge waiting for me to devour it again.

Raw Vegan Carrot Cake