This past week has been a bit rough.On the weekend I had a few friends over on the terrace, and of course we had a couple drinks but I wanted to make sure we had all healthy snacks - well that plan back-fired. I managed to get us a couple of healthy things, but what put me over the edge was the cheese in everything we had. By the end of the day I was not feeling well. I continued to feel ill on Sunday but was better by Monday. I have been dairy-free but will have eggs or goat cheese two or three times a week and it doesn’t bother me. This was one of those days I had a hard time saying “no” to the food that was in front - of me and I paid the price for it!

On Monday, I made the same mistake I did a couple of months ago where I did not have much to eat before my workout with Jess. This is a big NO-NO! I felt lightheaded and dizzy throughout the whole hour. As Jess would say: 'You have hit a wall'. She offered for me to run and grab a piece of fruit, but I declined and tried to push through - never really feeling any energy. I’ve learned my lesson and was ready to pump out sets on Wednesday night; however I was not feeling well but managed to pump out as many sets as I could. My body has been all over the place this past week even though I’ve been eating clean. Jess says sleep could play a huge role in how my body functions and digestion; perhaps I could be feeling like this because I haven’t slept well in days. Jess says: This can also be a symptom of your allergy to dairy. The body uses a lot of energy for digestion when it is attempting to digest something that it shouldn't.

As I write this, I feel much better! I got a good night’s rest last night and have more energy than I have had in the past couple of days. I want to tell you about this vegan/vegetarian breakfast place. It’s called Karine’s and located in the Grange food court by OCAD. They have a lot of great choice with many gluten free and vegan options. I just had poached eggs, salad with fruit and gluten free rice toast (See photo below).