"Core, core, core, think core, Saghi!" I must have heard this every single session I have had with Jess this past week. We're working on my balance and building a stronger core. You must be wondering how we're doing this - how does doing a plank on a bosu and stability ball sound? It sounded absurd to me, and thought Jess had lost her mind in wanting me to do this. The first time was difficult, I felt discouraged as I wobbled continuously. But it got a little better each time after that. Jess always says that it gets easier after the first set, and she's right. It really does. She kicked my ass on Wednesday night. Resting in between sets was not an option. Good thing I felt motivated and had a snack before the workout! The fun part of these workouts is that Jess is always excited and full of energy. Ha - I'm glad one of us is. Her energy keeps you moving and wanting to do more. Lately after each session I've been even more motivated to do an extra set of something, anything. Wednesday it was lateral jumps on the bosu and triceps dips, the session before that it was extra burpees.

Small and mighty! Arms are getting stronger.

In my previous entry I mentioned that I was in search of good vegetarian and vegan restaurants. Another one on my list is Fresh. Since it's so close to me, I am there at least once a week. They have great dishes from brown rice or soba noodle bowls to salads, veggie burgers and great juices! I've brought two friends here and they have both loved it. This place will make meat eaters think again about vegetarian dishes.

Fresh bun-less veggie burger topped with mushrooms and onions.

Saghi - your arms are starting to pop! You are officially a fit girl.