This past week Jess has kicked things up a notch...We jumped from doing 15 reps of tricep dips to 25, doing 40 bicycle crunches to bicycles crunches with a three second hold. It hurts in the moment but I feel great afterwards! Chickpea salad, mixed with salad greens, peppers and some feta

My wedding dress has arrived and I must go for an inspection next week. I'm a little nervous, but I know that my shape has changed a lot since I ordered it in October. I want to avoid finding things wrong with my body and enjoy how my new body looks in the dress. This has been one of the hardest things for me. Although my shape is changing and I'm losing weight, I can't help but stare in the mirror daily and criticize all my parts. Even as I work out with Jess I'll stare in the mirror and say things like "will this go away? can we get rid of this flab here?" as if I'm talking to a plastic surgeon asking if he could work his magic. Jess reassures me every time that with my continuous hard work and healthy eating I will get there, I need to be patient. It helps having someone remind you that what you're doing is making a change and it's working and being so positive when you're negative. Some of the things I have been doing to help with the negative comments to myself are wearing dresses or pants I couldn't fit into before to show myself the positive change. I don't go around the mirror as often and when I do I make sure it's quick. Jess says when I start criticizing or thinking negatively, to turn it into motivation and then walk away. I am not to stand there and dwell on what's left to do. Those are the thoughts that discourage you and set you back. (I am to focus on what I've accomplished, admit to myself I have further to go, and walk away smiling, capable and determined- this is a Jess edit :) .)