For the past 2 years, I have dreaded getting dressed for parties or events. I always found myself buying something new because whatever I had in the closet didn’t fit me the way it did when I first bought it. I refused to buy fitted dresses because of the way my midsection and sides would look in them. This year things were different. My mom had purchased this dress for me and told me to try it on; it was one of those fitted dresses I never thought would look good on me. I put it on and immediately felt great in it! I went to a family Christmas party and everyone had recognized the difference in my shape, it's so motivating when others see the difference! Over the holidays I hadn’t worked out as much as I was supposed to, I had a cold and didn’t feel well enough to do any strength training - however, I did do a few of my 30 minute jogs. The worse part about the holidays is that there are sweets and snacks everywhere you go: boxes of chocolates in the office, holiday potlucks, dinner parties with lots of unhealthy finger foods, oh and let’s not forget the best of all...lots of wine! Jess has always told me when making food choices, there is always a way to make a healthier choice. Learning what those choices are has helped me in being mindful every time I attend a gathering or go out to eat. I have always had a hard time saying no to chocolate, and if it’s in front of me, I will devour it. So, I allow myself to enjoy the sweets and snacks but all with moderation and in small portions. I don’t overdo it as I would have in the past! Jess has taught me that you can still enjoy whatever it is you’re craving without stuffing your face with it.

Now that the holidays are over, I plan to add more vegetables to every meal I eat and to cook more homemade dishes. I'll be sure to post some of the photos of the meals I eat.

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