Oh boy am I sore! Everything hurts but I feel great! I feel much lighter and smaller than I did a few weeks ago. Seeing these changes has kept me motivated and feeling like this hard work is paying off and worth every bit of pain. I work a full time and a part time job, in addition to that I'm also planning for this wedding, so sometimes I don't feel like going for a run or getting in a third strength workout during the week-- truthfully I just want to sleep. Recently when I get those feelings it often accompanies itself with the feeling of guilt. I've come this far and worked this hard I'm not going to get lazy now and set myself back. Our bodies are good at telling us what they need and ever since working with Jess, I've been learning to listen to my body. It has made me realize how much I had been neglecting my body and not nurturing it the way it needed to be nurtured. All those excuses I made for myself are out the door, I'm in full control!

As mentioned in my last blog post, my goal has been to cook with more vegetables so this past week I did. Steamed vegetables, roasted vegetables, pan seared vegetables, raw vegetables, you name it I had it! Really it's not hard. I thought I'd be struggling with recipes but there are a ton of ideas online and so many spices to play around with that it made it easier to make. Jess was always a text away to tell me what was a good idea and what wasn't. I sent her a photo of my homemade whole wheat pizza with veggies and she told me "next time easy on the cheese" (and I was so sure I had put just a sprinkle- guess not), noted for next time!

Here are some photos from my meals this week.

My lunch at work: My lunch: Teriyaki salmon, vegetables and pomegranate for dessert Jess loved this, but told me I could add a little brown rice to keep me fuller through the afternoon.

My Tuesday night's dinner: Turkey burger with sundried tomato and feta, veg and avocado. Jess said to go a wee bit easier on the avocado since the vegetables were tossed in olive oil - it's all about balance and portions!

On to the next one... getting wiser (and smaller!) every week.