Things have kicked up a notch this week! I have taken my inner motivation to the next level and have been 100% focused. I have continued to eat clean since last week. I have chia seed chocolate pudding in the fridge for days when I crave sweets, and I have stocked up on tons of greens and produce. I add them wherever I can! I am happiest when each meal includes at least 50% veggies and greens. (Jess says: YES woman!)Workouts have been intense! Jess has had me do a lot on the Bosu this week. It’s a great way to strengthen my core and, according to her, my core and balance have significantly improved. The workouts have been hard, but Jess pushes me and knows my limit – even though at times I groan and complain. (Jess says: AT TIMES?! :) ) It feels good when it hurts and as she says: don’t complain just focus on getting it done. Leave the complaining for the end. She says it’s easier if you focus on your breathing and the workout itself rather than focusing on the pain. That advice helped during Wednesday night’s workout, I tried not to think about the pain and how hard the sets were. I just put my mind to focusing on my balance and breathing. Success! (Jess says: It's all psychological. If you actually CHASE the burn, as a satisfactory push through resistance, a LOADING of the muscles that you can feel, rather than think of it as a pain that's being IMPOSED on you, it completely changes how you move through exercise. You WANT that feeling! Go AFTER IT!)

I have noticed more changes in my figure and I’m getting a lot of compliments on my transformation. It feels great. Change does not just happen, you need to work for it and as Jess would say, something switched in me in the past two weeks and I have been more motivated and determined than ever. I have had moments where I have been negative and have fallen off the wagon, but we need those moments to keep us moving forward. To quote Jess: "You have to have ups and downs. The 'downs' re-invigorate and re-inspire us toward change and help us crave the contrast. They help us to recognize that the downs are not actually what we really want - what we want is to feel strong, energized and overall fantastically healthy."

Chocolate Chia Pudding

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