This past week I've been staying on top of my food making sure I have a good balance of protein and veggies. A challenge for me has been snacks throughout the day. Jess has helped me by giving me a list of snacks I could have. The key to a snack is to make sure it includes a protein. For example if I have a fruit, I must pair it with almonds - or if I have a rice cake I spread it with all natural almond butter, or have it with a hard boiled egg. These snacks help prevent me from munching on baked goods or other processed and high in sodium snacks, because they include protein, carbs and fats and keep me satisfied. The other day my fiancé and I were watching a movie. Now, in the past, our snack of choice would have been Ruffles all dressed chips (our favorite in addition to the Doritos Sweet Chili Heats) - this time we had steamed edamame beans with a sprinkle of sea salt on top. Perfect. My fiancé, while smiling, said "Wow, what is happening?" And my response: "Transformation".

One of Saghi's meals: shrimp and vegetables, sauteed in coconut oil. Simple!

Saghi's new and awesome movie-watching snack!

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