I have had many challenges this past week! Number one challenge: Cravings. I was craving cookies, cupcakes, and whatever heavy and unhealthy snacks I could find. All I could think about was food. I looked up "ways to control cravings" but of course some of the tips that came up were unrealistic and unhealthy. Jess suggested I distract myself, so I did just that. I distracted myself with wedding planning, looking up healthy recipes, and online "window shopping", I needed to change my focus and I needed to do it fast! It worked and a day later I was refocused and fully in control of my diet. Jessica got me hooked on this egg white pancake - it's just egg whites, cinnamon and oats! Delicious.

Challenge number two: Winterlicious. Noah and I booked 3 restaurants all of which include a 3 course meal. I got worried that we would be overdoing it since two of them were scheduled for the same week. They both cannot be our "cheat meal", so we had to be smart about our choices. Jess suggested we pick salad options and entrees that had lots of veggies and no creamy sauces. Simple! We looked up the menus online and planned ahead of time what we would get. 1 restaurant down 2 to go.

Challenge number three: Wedding Fever. We're 5 months away from our big day and this past week it hit me how fast time was flying. I started getting nervous about not being able to reach my goal in time. I decided that I wanted to speed things up. So my new diet plan with Jess' approval: wheat-free, and no dairy. I have stocked up on brown rice noodles, brown rice and quinoa. New workout schedule: working out 6 days a week, 3 of which include strength training. I'm motivated and ready!

Jess has reassured me that I am on the right track and to not keep stressing about the end result. I have come a long way since we started, and she is 100% positive that I can look great in 5 months. I must stay mindful and not lose my focus. Obsession is dangerous and can lead to discouragement.

I wouldn't call my mindset obsession, I'd call it determination!

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