This past weekend I was in Boston with Noah visiting family and checking things off our to do list for the wedding. We definitely got things done and saw our friends and family, however one thing missing was my workouts. It was hard to make time with so much to do and so many people around. Knowing that I wasn't going to get any workouts in, I had to make sure I watched what I ate and my portion size. All in all it was good. I did indulge a few times, but it was worth every bite! Having not worked out at all for 3 days in a row left me feeling like something was missing. The night we flew back, we both hit the gym right away and completed a full hour of strength training. This is how motivated and energized we were!(Jess says: WOO!)

As hard as it is, once you start seeing the change and feeling lighter, you become more motivated and determined to continue. As Jess always says: you have to get over the first hump. She's absolutely right, and I never thought I'd ever get to this point. I just needed a push and still sometimes do (Jess sure knows how to do this).

So recently my obsession with shopping has turned into looking at items and placing them back on the rack. Why you ask? Because I'm motivated to fit into a certain size and refuse to buy anything that fits now. I tried on 3 pairs of jeans at The Gap - all at a size 27. I haven't been a size 27 since I was 19 (all these runs, workouts, and eating right are paying off)! I was very tempted to purchase all 3 but couldn't justify spending over $200 now, and then having to buy again in a couple of months. This will keep me motivated in moving forward and working hard toward my goal. I want those jeans and I'll make it happen in the right size for me!

An "at-home" dinner of tempeh, green beans and raw veg. Filling!