My three days of negativity and self-deprecation are over and my mind is back on track! I’ve redirected my goal and reminded myself of the overall change I want to make: a healthier life and fitter life. I had been putting a lot of pressure on myself to look a certain way in my wedding dress, and it took away from the experience itself. Reality is, it’s not always easy or positive to make an enormous physical change, permanently - and we all have our days. This past week I stayed on top of my workouts. There was not a day where I was not feeling tight and "worked out". If it’s not my arms or thighs from the strength training, it’s my calves or legs from the cardio. Jess has continued to introduce new exercises, increase my weights and increase the number of reps. No wonder I'm feeling it! It continues to be a challenge.

I’m also finding myself getting hungry frequently throughout the day (a sign of a climbing metabolic rate, I'm told), yet I am often craving sweets. Since I’ve been trying to transition to eating dairy-free and gluten-free, I've found it hard to find snacks that I like.

Jess has had me focus on my hydration levels to make sure I'm not misidentifying thirst for hunger. I have bought another water bottle for work so I don’t have to carry the other one back and forth every day. She also introduced me to two holistic nutritionists that she follows closely: Meghan Telpner and Joy McCarthy. After some time spent on their sites I have not only found great snack ideas but also great dairy free and gluten free recipes that have helped to open up a lot of meal ideas. I have also found a link on their sites that talk about healthy restaurants in Toronto. If you’re eating out often and trying to eat well, Joy's site or have great restaurant suggestions you can check out.

This past Monday my friend and I checked out Live Food Bar at Spadina and Dupont. I was hesitant and unsure of what to expect, as a lot of their dishes are raw. But, from the pictures I had seen and the reviews I had read, it seemed very interesting. We tried their chickpea fries with their two homemade dips. For my main course I ordered the rejuvenation bowl with quinoa and tofu. Overall it was good. We also shared their vegan tiramisu which was amazing! Does this count as my one indulgent meal per week? Probably, but I hope not!

A meal Jessica devoured at Live Food Bar. ;)