For the past two weeks I did not stick to my 6 days a week workout schedule. I started feeling exhausted and weak. I needed to rest and take it easy. Like Jess' recent blog: you have to listen to your body. Normally I'd have some food before a strength workout with Jess, for some reason on Monday all I had was a rice cake with almond butter, a few hours earlier. BIG mistake! By the time we got through the first set I was feeling dizzy and really low on energy. As Jess would describe it: I was hitting a wall. We were unable to complete the third set of the last strength exercise and ended about 15 minutes early. I needed food ASAP.

During my session on Monday we went over my goals, and Jess let me know that I had to be consistent with the 6 days a week workout in order to see the results I want. I just need to maintain a balance with my work schedule, so Jess suggested at the beginning of every week I pick which day I want off and stick to my workouts on the other days. I have to text her after each workout to be accountable. I'm continuing to stay focused and learning to create balance.