These past couple of days I have been fighting a cold so I have missed my workout sessions. It doesn't help that I'll be in Boston for the next couple of days and will continue to miss another session with Jess. However, I will be walking 26.2 miles on Sunday along the Boston Marathon route for cancer research. That'll make up for some of the cardio I haven't done this past week. I have planned out where we would eat so I know there are many healthy options. Just because you're traveling doesn't mean you can't healthy choices. No excuses! Although I have not gotten my workouts in this week, I have been on top of my food. As I mentioned last week, I have been finding ways to not make outings and events all about food. I was worried about going to the cottage this past weekend with my parents and not being able to control myself with the food, however I managed to take control from the beginning. I brought healthy snacks like natural peanut butter, kale chips, Mary's crackers and hummus. I even planned the meals with my parents ahead of time. We decided I would make breakfast on Sunday morning. I tried to find something I could make that would satisfy my parents' taste buds, so I decided to make zucchini frittatas. They turned out to be really good! The planning ahead and taking control from the beginning by bringing our own snacks really helped me in facing the unhealthy choices. It made it easier for me to say no and not feel tempted.

Before I got this cold, my husband and I managed to get a strength workout in while at the cottage. A part of me thought I'd skip but seeing how well we were doing with the food, I was motivated to push through a workout. We did it and we both felt great!

Jess' Note: I couldn't get Saghi's post up last week, so it is a bit late. BUT, her post discussing her Boston Marathon walk will be up this week!

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