Thank goodness Jess is back! The past two weeks have been challenging but good. I managed to follow Jess' program while she was away. The first week I did 3 days of strength training and 3 days of cardio. The second week I did 2 days of strength training and 4 days of cardio (I was too worn out and exhausted for a third strength workout). I was good with the diet, except for one day where I indulged and had a big bowl of ramen and another day when I had a slice of pizza at work for lunch. You gotta have balance right? I have to take a minute and explain that this has not been a walk in the park for me. Changing diet and working out 6 days a week was never in my routine before. My mind was always full of complaints about the way I looked but I never owned up to the cause. I'd eat big portions and then complain about how bloated I felt. But commitment has led me to change. A change I love seeing. As mentioned in my previous blog posts, we need patience because nothing comes easy in life.

While Jess was away, I weighed myself 3 times in a span of 4 days (which is clearly too often). I felt guilty for having that slice of pizza at work and constantly responded to whomever complimented me with "Thanks, but I need to lose much more" or "Thanks, but I have 20 more pounds to lose." I addressed this issue with Jess when she got back. I have to say that my wedding dress inspection was coming up and the main reason for these negative thoughts was my nerves. Jess reminded me that sculpting your body inside and out takes time. "Our bodies are complicated, made up of cells and blood and organs. You can't just chop a part off. It takes time for things to shift." She's right. I need to be patient and not expect change overnight. I need to acknowledge the progress I've made and be proud of it.

As for the wedding dress, it looked beautiful! I don't know why I was so worried… I can't post the photos now as I need to make sure my fiancé does not sneak a peek but will be sure to post them after the wedding.

Sweating for the wedding continues! 128 days to go!

Jess' Notes: I had to jump in today, Saghi (and friends). First of all, yes, the dress looks dynamite on you! You are doing so well. Yesterday was arguably our most intense session yet, and your performance was that of a serious inner athlete! You are internalizing the form, using your foundation and executing your work with such precision. You are going to be super tight and fit in your dress, but also in your life, because you are now a new PERSON.

I's also like to share the email that I sent to you when you told me you were freaking out about numbers, so that our readers understand the vital importance of patience, perseverance, and ultimately getting on with your life WHILE upon a fat-loss journey. Desperation backfires in every single area - from meeting someone, to getting ahead at work, to losing fat. You never compromise living in the moment.

Our bodies are complicated, made up of cells and blood and organs. You can't just chop a part off. It takes time for things to shift. You have to accept that being patient is absolutely the only way, without only being bigger and more frustrated in the long run. I am 100% honest, and if there were another way beyond patience and consistency, I'd tell you. There is not. So above all, practise patience. Hush your brain when it gets extreme, because extremes hurt more than anything.

Please trust me. Be careful. Keep moving forward, but don't you dare forget to breathe and be in the moment. Time is precious, even the time that you feel you are in transition is a very important time in your life. Don't waste it by only thinking of end result.

Be WISE, okay?