saghired Less than 2 months until our wedding! I had gone for a dress fitting 2 months ago when the lady told me that the next time I went in would be the last time before she takes it in. She said I could not lose any more weight after that fitting, since she can only take the dress in once. This fitting was scheduled for next week, however I knew I'd end up losing more so I changed it for the end of May. The challenge after that fitting will be to maintain my weight and not lose more than 5 lbs. The last thing I want is my dress feeling loose on me. So Jess has helped me to come up with a workout and diet plan to help maintain my weight. I'm confident that it will look great!

This past week I have been focusing on finding healthy recipes that are quick and easy. I've been having a hard time balancing my schedule with cooking healthy recipes. I often find that I run out of time. So my go-to recipes are usually salads or egg white omelettes. Recently, I found organic veggie burgers that both my fiancé and I really like. They were fast to make, and all natural! Another easy recipe I've been making lately is salmon with steamed vegetables like green beans and broccoli. With the recent health challenge that I've entered at work, my colleagues and I have decided to exchange recipes, so I'm hoping that this will help add variety to the things I make now.

I was taking a friend to Fresh the other night and Jess suggested I try their Ace of Kales Salad. It was d-lish! It was full of vegetables and tempeh bacon -- so filling! My friend who came with me is a huge meat lover and was shocked that I suggested Fresh for dinner. I'm glad he was open to trying it, because he couldn't believe his black bean burrito didn't have meat in it! I love this place! photo