I wrapped up last week's diary entry mentioning my transition into using natural beauty products, and the natural facial I was planning to get at Pure + Simple. All I can say about the facial is: Ah-mazing! I chose the super hydrating facial that replenishes and restores the skin's water content, while unclogging pores. It was a one hour treatment that left my face feeling clean and super moisturized! I may have been their ideal customer that day, as I purchased a facial cleanser, exfoliator, serum, cream and lip balm. I'm obsessed with putting vaseline on my lips before bed but I have recently learned that vaseline does not get absorbed into the lips - instead it just moisturizes the surface, leaving me with the need to constantly reapply. The lip balm I purchased is "honey vanilla" that is made with honey, cacao seed butter, beeswax and olive fruit oil. I have been using this every night before bed and my lips feel softer and smoother than before. I have been using the cleanser, serum and cream twice a day for the past 4 days and my skin feels so much better. My skin is sensitive and my cheeks were the spots where I'd react the most. I haven't seen much of that since I've been using these new products. I know it takes more than a few days to know if the products work for you, so I'm constantly observing for changes or reactions. I'll keep you all posted as I undergo this transition.

With all this great change over to pureness, I have been in search for good vegetarian/vegan places to try. My newfound gem is Feel Good Guru on Queen St W., across from Trinity Bellwoods park. It's a cute little place with limited seating, but perfect in the summer when you can get takeout and can enjoy your meal in the park. I had their kale salad with dairy-free cashew cream asparagus soup. Both were amazing - I can't wait to go back for more! I've heard great things about their raw carrot cake with cashew icing, I was tempted to try but had to control myself. Maybe next time.

I'm continuing to feel motivated! Every session Jess introduces a new exercise. The most recent ones have included lateral burpees (sidewinders), and push-ups on the stability ball, which really got my triceps! Wednesday she was excited to have me try a new ab workout on the stability ball - this was not easy, though my abs feel great! (Jess says: It was a high plank with shins on the ball, slowly rolling side to side to lift each foot off and stabilize with obliques! Such a good one.) It's awesome that she adds variety to sessions, it keeps things exciting but yet challenging. I wonder what she'll pull out of the hat next time.

Lunch from Feel Good Guru