Last weekend my fiancé Noah (also Jess' client) and I were sitting around planning our meals for the week as we started remembering our "pre-Jess" days. We recalled the day that we went for a jog from our condo to the Harbourfront - I could not go longer than 10 minutes without feeling out of breath and extremely sore. That was the most activity I had experienced in a very long time so it was very difficult for me to keep up. Even doing triceps dips, I remember Jess having me do only 5, and now I can do 25. It's amazing how patience, effort, and consistency lead to change. It's the initial hump that you just have to get over and once you're over it, it's all downhill from there (weight-wise!). Jess used to say this to me at the beginning and I used to think "Yeah right! Then why isn't it getting easier?" My problem was I was expecting to see change right away. Weeks later reality set in and I realized in order to make a huge change like I wanted I needed to give it time. This past week I've "graduated" to a whole other level of workout intensity, as if they weren't intense enough before! Each time she introduces a new workout, I look at her and think, "this girl makes this look so easy, how in the world will I do this?" But all that actually comes out of my mouth is "Oh dear! Let's do this". Now I'm only curious to know what comes next… (Please take your time Jess, no need to feed my curiosity anytime soon).

Saghi executing a triceps extension while bridging on a bosu.