"As I begin to find my internal motivation to maintain this healthy life style I have been hit with the question: what is my relationship with food? These past couple of days I've noticed myself lose control and give into treats more than I should have. What is it about food that makes me want it more or makes it hard for me to say no? My goal is to identify why I feel the way I do about food and to reframe my mentality so that I can control and maintain a balance without struggle. For example, some foods/drinks I've had this past weekend have include: a burger, chips and guacamole, sangria, and tacos from Grand Electric. My plan was to make the tacos my cheat meal for the week until we decided to have a bbq with friends and made beef burgers and turkey burgers.

I've gone back to tracking food for Jess. Her feedback helps me find ways to gain back control. She's blunt and her reality checks also help to put things into perspective for me.

In the midst of this struggle I have managed to stay on top of my 3x weekly strength workouts, as well as my cardio. I'm motivated and feel great after each workout. Although I've been struggling on the food front, keeping up with my workouts has helped me feel a bit in control. I need to feel as motivated about my food as I am about working out. Self reflection has become a huge part of this transformation and I'm in the process of identifying key factors that could potentially have been the reasons for my past eating habits."