Wow, it's been a while since I last wrote a post!Well... I'm married! The day we've been waiting for was this past Saturday and everything was perfect! The last few weeks had been busy with last minute details and planning. I hardly ate because I was nervous, and I missed my workouts except for one the week before the wedding. I had too much to do, and I was taking advantage of seeing family who were here from out of town. Nonetheless, I managed to eat lighter meals and to maintain my dairy-free, wheat-free diet, 100%. I'm so glad I did, because the dress looked great. I could not have felt more confident than I did on that day. I'd like to take this moment and thank Jess for helping me transform not only my body but also my mind. She has witnessed my journey, and knows exactly the kind of stuff my mind went through to get to where it is. All I can say is... this is just the beginning!

The wedding is over and I have hung up my wedding dress. I feel accomplished for having achieved such a huge goal--I lost a total of 32 lbs! It took me almost a year to lose it but it was done the healthy way and is permanent. My new goal? I want to ensure it remains a permanent change, and to feel and look fit throughout my entire life! My short term goal? Feel sexy in a bikini on my honeymoon in Hawaii! With Jess' help, I'll make it happen!

Jess says: Saghi, you looked stunning on your wedding day. That collarbone was popping! Thank you, darling, for including me in your special day.

Saghi when she first found her dress (left), at a midway point and finally this past May (right).