It’s been a while since I last wrote a post. Since the wedding I had a few challenges. One of which had been staying motivated enough to not give into indulgences. I’m finding it easier to give in now that I don’t have a dress to worry about. I found myself feeling guilty before the wedding so I would just avoid treats in general, but after the wedding I didn’t feel guilty and felt like I could have a treat here and there without falling off track. After a week of battling with myself trying to find the inner motivation I needed to keep going, I looked at the changes I have made. I reminded myself that I didn’t want to return to the person I was before this get-healthy process. I feel more confident, I have fun shopping, clothes fit better on me than they did before - why would I throw that life change away? And so with that thought, I found my inner strength to keep going. I got pumped for workouts again and hit the gym regularly.

I recently had a cottage getaway with my friends, and we had all the intention in the world to be healthy. We purchased a whole bunch of produce, salmon and chicken. Let’s just say our fruits ended up in our sangrias, and our salmon and chicken went into the freezer. It was a weekend of sweet chili heat chips (I bet Jess would insert here: Not real food!) and pizza. I didn’t feel sick but I did feel bloated, perhaps from all the drinking! I actually missed working out so much that I was pumped I was seeing Jess the next day! I was able to easily get back into my routine. It was all a balance and I enjoyed every bit of it. What I’m learning to do is not micromanage everything I eat and to not feel guilty when I do indulge a little. I just have to remember one cheat meal a week and not to indulge too much, the treats here and there and the indulgences may not set me back entirely but it will slow down the change I want to see. You have got to choose what matters most.

In my case, I'm feeling now that the indulgences are not worth slowing me down to reach my goal. I want to feel better than great.

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