This past week has been awesome! I had my bridal shower last Sunday. I was certainly showered with gifts and lots of love, but I was also showered with a lot of positive comments about my weight and figure. Some said they couldn’t believe how much I’ve changed and how great I look. Hard work is paying off! saghi

I work at Sick Kids and for the month of May our hospital is participating in an Inter-Hospital Health Challenge. Did I sign up? You bet I did! Along with my other Child Life Specialist colleagues, we have created two teams and are determined to win! Every day we log in and track the amount of minutes we’ve been active, the number of veggies and fruits we’ve eaten, and the amounts of water we’ve consumed. What I found interesting was that we’re also tracking the amount of minutes we spend de-stressing. Jess always reminds me to balance everything and to remember to find time to relax. This has been a challenge for me. With my work schedule and planning for the wedding, I’m having a hard time doing this. So, since entering this challenge, I am challenging myself to do something every day, even if it is 10 minutes to focus on myself and relax my mind.

Wednesday I went for a jog along the lakeshore and decided to take a 10 minute break on the bench and enjoy the weather in silence. It was perfect and exactly what I needed!

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