Yikes, Jess is leaving for 2 weeks! When I first found out she was leaving so close to my wedding day I felt a bit nervous. I didn’t know how I was going to maintain all that she does with me on my own. However, I realized that I have to learn to push myself through my workouts and really keep myself accountable for everything I do. Although she will be checking emails from Europe, I have created a workout schedule for the next 2 weeks that I hope to stick to as wellas a meal plan that I will be following to a Tee. I hope to not contact her unless really needed. The plan is for the next two weeks to go 100% dairy free and wheat free, Jess says this will leave me feeling less bloated, tighter and leaner on the wedding day. The exemptions to this diet are egg whites and fat free Greek yogurt—this I can do! I think as long as I stay focused and keep my motivationgoing I will be fine.

I found a new place near me called Superfood Eateries on Adelaide St. I tried their “Pad Thai” salad which included kelp noodles with cabbage, carrots, zucchini and almond butter ginger sauce. It was really good! It’s mostly all vegan with a lot of gluten free options.They also make their own fresh kale chips, sweet potato chips and smoothies. It’s worth a try!