Working in the health & wellness industry has become my guts and soul because of the dramatic changes I experienced, myself, becoming a healthier human being.I always wanted to be ‘healthier’ in my life - not necessarily thinner, or even more muscular, but to be able to practice a balanced lifestyle of fueling my body correctly and to engage in any type of exercise I might actually be able to ENJOY (I wanted to crave it, really). I wanted to live without the everyday discomforts I was having at the time: feeling unfit, avoiding social settings due to a lack of confidence, and zero motivation to achieve higher/move forward. I was often in a terrible mood, borderline depressed and wasting each day to get to the next - which provided no change. I wanted out of this cycle, and I really wanted to feel a sense of control. I wanted to stop living so passively - running from problems rather than accepting them as hurdles to bound beyond. I was done with avoidance and passivity - I wanted to go out and experience life in its best light, working harder to mould the person I knew I had to be. It was time to go get it, and it was going to start with health.

I used to be so confused about the fitness world. What do I do? What do I lift? When and where do I start?! The confusion and questions gawked at me, until I decided to enlist the help of a professional. Someone that had committed their livelihood to sorting through the mountains of information, and was able to guide and teach me in a streamlined manner - everything that I, specifically, needed to know and in an order that was catered to my needs. I then initiated a pledge to abandon the idea of ‘dieting’ forever, and instead to eat better to nourish my body. Along with this, I reflected on what I wanted to achieve fitness-wise, while blocking out the many images and opinions that are always thrust at us in the media. The personalization of my goals really helped me to move forward toward becoming my best self.

During these changes I was making to my health, something crazy happened. Suddenly, I was so fired up about this very subject, and about LIFE. It sort of took over, and my mind was always reflecting on the major, major changes that were happening to my whole consciousness alongside my physicality. I was researching methods and tactics voluntarily without any applied pressure, full of steam and passion. And then it clicked: THIS is what it means to love your job. I couldn't stop, and I didn't want to stop. I needed others to experience this change from no energy to high energy, from dark to light.

Connecting with individuals, pulling forth the information best suited to them and catering an efficient plan of action is more rewarding than it sounds. When we don't feel reflected in our physicality, we live with such hesitation and blurriness. I am able to interact with an array of individuals stemming from different backgrounds, experiences and challenges, and together we outline a perfectly doable plan of action. We clear up the future, and simplify the process of getting from point A to point B. From defeat to triumph. Anything is possible, and I'm able to prove this on the daily.

Personal training has allowed me to bring the enjoyments and passions of my life into one fluid movement. It's given me a life with purpose - and now my only goals are to help others find theirs, and live life the way it is meant to be lived - with vitality.

We all need some self-discipline and self-improvement to be ultimately happy. Fitness and nutrition teach us to better our insides and create a better balanced big picture. Small efforts add up - and sometimes accomplishments as simple as pushing through your last set of weights, or declining one truffle can make all the difference in our states of mind and feelings of success. Sometimes there are bigger hurdles like trading the chips for the gym at a time of crisis, or trading a fun night out with an early night's sleep for an investment in the next day. It IS these small self victories that propel us forward.

Choose wisely and serve yourself with the honesty and the respect you deserve. A healthier lifestyle, once it has been given the attention it needs, then shows us how to not only face our given challenges (whether they be in the gym, office or home) but to set your target beyond them, and run straight through them!

So stop living dented by the things you feel you can't do. Put on your move-forward shoes! Go for run, take part in a yoga class or complete that strength circuit and let your own fitness lead you to a happier and more successful life. If you give it a little, it will give you a LOT. I will tell you as I was once told by a highly respected friend and mentor: If you need extra help - someone to listen, coach, push, guide, encourage, and smile at you while you change your life - you can call me. Call me, I will help.

Peace, prosperity, health & happiness

- Satch