After a very long day of travel yesterday (we left at 4am England time, and arrived at 9pm England time), we have fresh food in the fridge and are back on our Macs making up for lost work time.

This could have been the best trip of my life. Apart from some predictable England weather and food (dark and rainy, starchy and fatty), visiting these vibrant and beautiful members of my partner's family really stirred my soul, and certainly got me laughing! I have concluded that the English very much make up for their predominantly cloudy weather with the brightest of humour and character. The food was incredibly challenging, but we did manage to run most days.

Barcelona was another world. I knew I would be falling in love with Spain upon visiting, I just didn't know quite how much. Barcelona is a big city, with wide, clean streets and the most beautiful and interesting architecture. Stunning trees throughout the city, absolutely PERFECT weather, and smiling, friendly people. Gush-gush.

The food in Spain was a bit cleaner and more pure - but you can certainly get those rich European favourites! My favourites were the gazpacho, paella and of course - no one can mess with my cappuccino and croissant.

The music festival was right in the middle of downtown. We caught a few acts such as Austra, Flying Lotus and Deadmaus (at night) along with Keys N Krates' set. The festival was crowded with beautiful, happy folks from all over the globe - and we danced our butts off midday. No need for a run the day of their gig!

So back in the gym now to row my upper back into shape after all the luggage lugging, and back to seeing clients this afternoon. I have a ton of fabulous experiences to share with them. x