Well, I committed the crime I have always advised every client against doing.The other day, I finally sat and thought to myself: WHY am I feeling so exhausted, so low, so uncharged and frustrated? Why am I constantly scrambling and not getting anywhere? Well, I was burnt out. Now, it happened the same way it happens to most of us - an overwhelming, never-ending to-do list, but also letting the little things that I LOVE to do for myself slip away, one-by-one. And I wonder, if I had not let these little things go, maybe I would have been calmer and more accepting of what I can and cannot accomplish. OR, maybe I could have been more productive in knocking things off the list, to then have a little more time to check in with myself. A clear and calm mind gets things done; a bogged one is in a fog and runs in circles.

Regardless, I've always said that trainers make mistakes so that their clients don't have to. Haha - I'll explain. We are our own guinea pigs, we sometimes have to go through things firsthand to really be able to coach and teach from a passionate, experienced place. Ultimately, I was really able to help people become healthier and happier from having come from an unhealthy and happy place myself, back in high school, and having been really introspective while going through the process of becoming healthy. The roadblocks, the highs, the lows and everything in between - having faced it all myself is what really helps my mind to share the info with the minds of my clients. So, here I am - I've made a mistake. I let my little things go!

And so this time, friends, I'm going to go ahead and remind all of you of something incredibly important. I've even been discussing this with one or two clients, lately, with respect to their lives (meanwhile keeping a secret of my own, that I was struggling). Life passes by quickly. One day we will be old, our bodies will be degenerating beyond our control, and we are not going to regret having not worked enough. We are not going to flashback on all those glorious days we spent at work. (Though, doing something that you love, and it changing you inside out is worth remembering - but our time off and how that work translates into the happiness of our time off is most important.) You will remember family, vacations, friends, and generally feeling well, rested and happy. Wellness isn't just a schedule of workouts, an organization of meals and avoidance of the cookie aisle.

Every single person needs to have time to read, if they want to. To do a little yoga, if they want to (these are my top indulgences that I have not experienced in months). Maybe it's a massage, more time with your kids, a date with your husband / wife once a week... Reflect on the things that make you feel the most alive, in place, grounded and happy. And make sure that no matter how tough the going gets, you never compromise those things for anything. Because once those things go, the life is no longer "well", we are suddenly just scrambling across the surface rather than really, really living.

I know a couple clients who are struggling with this as of late. And so as much as I'm saying it to myself, I'm shouting it to them, and potentially to you. Get yourself off the back burner. Because if you stop taking care of you, are always in a hurry, are skimming across the surface, life really loses its value. And without good living, what do we really have?

Be compassionate to yourself, be calm and be well.

This weekend I took off to my favourite hideaway to recharge: my mother's garden. I think Juice was pretty excited to have some time with me too, as she's been home alone quite a lot recently.

Juice, happily hogging my time this weekend.

Not a condo in sight!  Trees for miles, and no sounds but birds.

Image 3

And back to taking some time for health - no more grabbing almonds and rice cakes while running out the door in a fog, only to be starving and under-satiated later.

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