It's time to honour this beautiful, versatile and nutrition-packed food.  If it is not something you're currently including in your meals, you no longer have any excuse to avoid it! Spinach is incredibly jammed with vitamin K, vitamin A, magnesium and folate.  It is also high in iron, vitamin C and vitamin B2 to name a few.  It is one of the top anti-cancer foods, and it contains molecules called "glycoclycerolipids" which are anti-inflammatory, and help to protect the stomach lining against damage.

Probably the BEST thing about spinach, given how nutritious it is, is how easy it is to include in meals!  When you heat it, it wilts right down.  Try it - toss a massive handful of fresh spinach into a pan with a little olive oil and watch it wilt to a tiny volume, delicious and flooding with nutrition.  You can eat more of it without even realizing.  Blend it into a smoothie with some fresh fruit, and although it turns the smoothie green, you will barely taste it (find a recipe here: The Latest and Greatest Green Juice).  Chop it up and throw it on a homemade pizza.  Toss it in whole grain pasta dishes.  Eat it plain, sauteed in some garlic and oil. Eat it fresh in a salad. Toss it chopped in an omelette. Keep it in the freezer, and have vegetables on-hand all the time for ANY meal!

Hell, you can eat spinach for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

Have I inspired you?  It is the best friend of both the vegetable-lover, and the vegetable hater! Go get some. Just don't forget to floss. ;)