What an incredible vacation that was. No schedule, no urgency of anything and although I stayed heavily plugged into social media (my Instagram addiction is full-tilt: jessmanningpt), I ended up being otherwise relatively unplugged (comparatively speaking!). We all need time out now and then to focus on ourselves. I realized, it is the best way to allow things to breathe (breathing is essential to life!). Otherwise, if you never have time to reflect on yourself and, basically, hang out with yourself, you have to figuratively pile bricks on front of mould to keep going. Ie, leave things of the self not dealt with - whether they be rest, reflection or self-indulgence - and try to scramble to carry on. This does not work.

So enough about my self-reflections, let's get down to the nitty gritty about how my vacation was health-wise, and how my clients, who seem to often consider themselves on vacation as well while I am away, made do without their trainer!

France and spain are not really low on gluten or dairy. Haha. I had a bit of trouble avoiding all of the bread - in France especially. So, I kind of just gave in, in exchange for staying on top of my workouts, which felt oh-so-decadent without any kind of time restraint placed upon them. I was reminded of lighter days when I first began working out, how I could engage my mind and really FEEL how incredible exercise is, without just quickly checking off a list and scrambling back to work. So, lots of bread, yes. But lots of really great wellness and experience in between.

Most places I stayed were on the 5th floor - luckily old European stair climbing may have dented a little bit of the extra food!

Here are some of the meals I indulged in while away for two weeks:

Cleaner finds at a market in Nice.  In Nice I only had one meal in a restaurant, and otherwise had leisurely homemade bowls of oatmeal and salad which was ohhh so relaxing and lovely.

Toasts with zucchini, eggplant, pepper and vegetarian sausage

Well we couldn't get around the fried goat cheese or the pear gorgonzola pasta. Guilty!  But again... no calories wasted on anything short of delicious.

We couldn't leave Barcelona without having Paella!  But my stomach was turning afterwards, far too rich for my blood.

And my report from clients upon returning home? Some slacked, as is common. But many gave me a big smile as they kept up more than usual. Big shout-out to Steve for heading out for a race yesterday! Now get your butts ready... Dying to do some kicking this week. ;)

Steve after his 5K Colour Me Rad race!