Is January going to be a difficult, upsetting and miserable month if you stay on top of your clean habits this season? Nope. You'll wake up fit and lean Jan 1st, and can laugh at the others who decided to give up and give in, only to feel absolutely horrible afterwards. Avoiding that hustle is key. Imagine if all you have to do afterwards is maintain? Wrestling to get 5-10 pounds off your body every January is just silly.

If you agree, follow these tips to make sure that happens for you:

1. Have a healthy snack or small meal before attending a party. A small bowl of fibre-rich cereal, some hummus with vegetables and a couple slices of turkey, an apple and a few almonds will do a world of good to stabilize your blood sugar levels, and to satisfy you before you hit the land of salted peanuts and breaded shrimp. It will be much easier to decline, if you have some good food in your belly.

2. If the party features a meal or buffet, put your meal together as you would at home. It's still a lovely indulgence, because you didn't have to cook! Grab some lean protein, some of that fresh, colourful produce (sweet potato, green beans, broccoli… whatever they've got) and go ahead and have a glass of wine so you don't feel deprived.

3. At the snack table, assuming you've already had a small, steadying snack at home, opt for the lean, unbreaded proteins such as chicken skewers or shrimp cocktail. Avoid fat-laden snacks such as anything in a pastry or deep-friend, and fill up on raw vegetables.

4. As far as drinks go, the clearer, the better. Vodka or gin and sodas will give you less than 100cal / drink, as will white wine. If you've had a decent snack, you should be able to hold 2-3 of these without becoming the office or family idiot (if you're not me, that is - I'm typically the family idiot after 1 - just ask my nieces what they think of my post-wine jokes). Drinking is fun, but drinking too much is not. Keep yourself stable and professional, and just have enough to join in the fun.

5. WORKOUT! Keep up your workouts. If you don't, you will be so much more tempted to just throw in the towel and say F--- IT, I'll start over in Jan. Don't be rash, don't be impatient. Get in as much exercise as you can, even if you've got to cut down to 15-20 minute sessions. The routine will help to keep your waistline in check through all of the "celebrating".

Following these tips is well worth it come Jan. You will feel fresh and alive and proud of yourself for maintaining some regularity, without disrupting your fun.