Welcome to post number 200. It is time to begin a new series of posts. Let me explain what Take It Off really means. Sure, it can mean taking off pounds, taking off cellulite, taking off that layer of extra fat that is keeping you from making the MOST out of your life. But it also means taking off your clothes!

We all know how it is - our partners tell us we look great. Our mothers / fathers / sibling tell us we don't need to lose a pound. And that's fine - great! But if you aren't feeling 100% body confident, by yourself, that is where you are wasting time in life. You shouldn't have to sit a certain way to hide things, or dress a certain way to disguise a belly. I am going to pour my heart and soul into getting my readers to a point where they prioritize this comfort. Where they decide to get rid of this time-consuming distraction, of beating themselves up about their shape.

This series is absolutely not just for women, because I've worked with enough men to know that every single human being wants to feel comfortable, strong and tight in their own skin.

So, tune in with me  for new exercises, tips, eating advice - everything related to helping you peel off more clothes and feel at your very best, regardless of who is there to see it! Today I have a video that provides an add-on from a past video, for the butt and the back of the thighs. If you want to shape, smooth and define that area, try this! Remember, any sculpting exercise requires adequate cardiovascular activity (walking, running, climbing stairs) as well as clean eating in order to maximize its results. Feel your butt getting higher, tighter, and leading you to more confidence, IMMEDIATELY.