One of my newest recruits is putting it all out there: He's sharing his measurements, his photos, his training experiences and his results RIGHT HERE. Below are his introduction, his stats and his experiences from his first workout with me that we had on Tuesday. Follow his GET-FIT journey, and cheer him on as we take him from looking like David Arquette, to looking more like Keanu Reeves!

Hello, my name is Ryan. Over the next couple of months, I will be working with Jess to try and turn this mountain of meat into some functional muscle.

A little about me:

In the summer of 2010 I realized that was in pretty horrible shape; I had a buddy tell me my body looked like the Grinch, hunched shoulders, pot belly, skinny arms and legs. I decided to invest in getting myself in shape. By the spring of 2011, after some very hard work in the gym, I was approximately 200lbs - feeling very strong and confident. That is, until a routine bike home from work was abruptly interrupted by a cab driver’s door. I was going fast, and didn’t have time to react. I hit the door at full tilt and flew into the middle of the road, narrowly avoiding being run over by the cars around me. The impact was fully absorbed by my shoulder. I am not sure what exactly was wrong with it, but certainly it was messed right up. Although the accident itself was frustrating, the worst part was that I went from doing full sets of chin-ups and dips to not being able to do either. For the next few months, anytime I tried to re-introduce workouts, I kept re-tweaking my shoulder. After each sequential re-tweak, I lost more and more confidence in the gym. I finally gave up, and stopped going altogether – but continued to eat like I was working out 4-5 times a week… What? A boy's gotta eat, right?!

By the end of April 2012 I was weighin’ in consistently above 225 (occasionally I would even tip the scales north of 230… shhhhh - don’t tell anyone). People kept telling me I look like David Arquette (current David Arquette). I know, it doesn’t sound THAT bad. But really - would you want to look like David Arquette?? No, you wouldn’t. What’s worse is that when I am in shape people say I look like Keanu Reeves, so I can always tell how fat I am perceived to be by others based on how many David Arquettes or Keanu Reeves likenesses I have gotten. And sadly, I haven’t been likened to my man Keanu in over a year! At least part of the problem is that I am a chronic pizza eater – imagine someone who eats way too much pizza, then double that amount of pizza; that’s how much pizza I eat. Jess calls it the "party diet": pizza, wings, fast food, beers and limited to no greens. My major issue with eating healthy is that I am LAZY. In order to change my diet for the better, I am going to need some serious advice/tricks for simple meals to work more nutrients into my diet.

After seeing some embarrassing beach-belly shots during our annual corporate retreat, I decided that it was time to finally re-introduce regular cardio/work outs to my lifestyle. My friends are a supportive bunch and suggested that we sign up for a relay triathlon to set a summer end fitness goal that would keep us honest. We set up two teams. It is safe to say I am the least athletic guy on my team and as the weakest runner or biker, I slotted in for the 800m swim. The most athletic guy on the either team, Jean-Pierre, has lined up as my opponent. I would like to beat him in the race. Another group of friends (including my older, all-muscle sister) have signed up with me for the Tough Mudder race.

Tough Mudder and the relay triathlon have been great goals for which I have to work exercise back into my life. I started swimming in mid-May 1-3 times a week. I shaved some of the weight off, but have recently hit a sturdy, long plateau. Enter Jessica Manning – professional ass kicker.

My health goals: Find a long term solution to my pizza addiction… or at the very least learn to manage it. Feel stronger and more confident Complete (survive more like) the Tough Mudder race Complete the 800m swim portion of my triathlon in a respectable time… or at the very least in a competitive time with my swimming nemesis JP. To be likened to Keanu Reeves more regularly.

Ryan's Starting Point - July 18:

Weight: 211.4 Body Fat %: 21.6 Chest: 39in Waist: 37in Abdomen: 38.75in Hips: 43in (Ryan calls it his ghetto booty) Thigh (right side): 22in Arm (right side): 13.75

Ryan will be posting about his training experiences 1-2x week - all the highs of lows of changing his body. Stay tuned and cheer him on!