IMG_6951 Of course I've touched on this before. It's a frequent and relevant circumstance for city dwellers, entrepreneurs, and hard workers in general. I may not seem like a very go-with-the-flow kind of girl, but the truth is I very much can be. The trouble comes when the flow features that which is too much, too fast and all at once. All of a sudden, you're riding a wave that's surpassing important details, and certainly riding right over restoration (let's use sleep, for an example). The result can be chronic guilt, exhaustion and malaise.

I can't stress the importance of taking some time to put your wellness on the front burner, to check in and ask yourself if you're rested, feeling accomplished and inspired. If you are missing one of these things, it's time to put some other things on hold and do what's needed to revive them. Productivity leads to happiness and happiness leads to productivity, and if you're low on rest, encouragement or inspiration, both of these things will lag.

We are all a little terrified of taking some time off, of informing people around us that we're falling behind and overall appearing incompetent. Reality is, not ONE of us is a robot. We're all still humans trying to figure out how to operate in a very robotic world without losing our most vital human quality: wellness.

Learn to complement your wellness, rather than compromise it. We all love to work hard (especially those of us who love our life's work). But check in with yourself often, and make sure that you aren't cutting into that important streaming energy of feeling very much alive. Laugh your butt off, rest when you need it, and don't be afraid to stand behind what you need to be at your best.