On the weekend I returned home from 10 days in Colombia. As you can see, I tracked my days on Instagram. (You can follow me HERE) I decided to go (somewhat on a whim) to meet a couple friends of mine, to get a break from a crazy schedule at home and to get some sun - reminding my body how it felt to be naturally warm. Easily forgotten in these Canadian winters. Friends and I being ridiculous.

The vacation had your standard comforts and discomforts: comfort from the sun, comfort of getting up later than usual - and yet the discomfort of being isolated in my own language, and the discomfort of being without natural peanut butter for so long! But seriously, we need breaks to remind us how much we love our home and routine.

Being in a tiny hotel, and having had such sun, working out was difficult. It's easy to get nauseous with a slight elevation in heart rate, when you're not adjusted to the hot climate. So, although I got in a couple, they didn't compare to the endorphin-pumping workouts I have at home. I made that block in the corner my step-up, bulgarian spit squat and jump station. Another attempt in better AC, but head was still feeling the sun. At mealtimes I was basically trying to get in just enough to not be starving, as the options weren't necessarily my favourite (you can only eat so many fried plantains before you start to get really grumpy!).

The coconut rice, however, was divine and was a go-to, along with seafood dishes. The fresh blackberry and banana juice (no added sugar) was a perk! Because travellers are not advised to eat fresh salad, because of the change in bacteria and potential for parasites, I felt so deprived upon return. I immediately ordered an arugula salad in the JFK airport between flights and absolutely slammed it! Arugula salad with chicken at JFK airport. After 10 days of no salad!

Now I am home, excitedly reunited with my clients and back into my own workout and wellness routine. Back to green juice, long power-packed days, sweaty afternoons in the gym and wine with friends on weekends. IMG_8564

A short time away can do wonders to help you to reflect on just how perfect a fit we can compose our lives to be for us. I was really realizing how, regardless of where life tends to take us in its detours, we really do end up doing and being exactly what is right for us.

Who knows what life has in store, but I do know my one constant will always be my beloved career, and my relationship with fitness and wellness. Vacations are nice, but there is certainly no place like home. My girl Juice.