If you're stuck heading in one direction in which you're feeling lethargic all the time, uninspired, the events just keep coming and your food cravings are so strong that you feel you don't have any control, start here.

1 - Commit.  Committing to something means deciding that you want it more than the alternative.  Assuming you've already decided this, that you want to feel like you're getting better every day and not worse, write down your commitment so that it's out of your body and not just another thought floating around with the thousands of other ideas you have daily.

2 - Cut out processed wheat and dairy. They are two of the top allergens and avoiding them will lead to avoiding addictive foods keeping you in a cycle in which you feel you have little control.  You will also likely feel more energetic and clear-headed by day three, not to mention leaner.

3 - Sweat.  I know, it sounds simple and obvious.  But you'd be surprised how much we need to be reminded why.  When you break a little sweat you start stirring endorphins and switch that direction right away. Out with the old, in with the new.  You now how your mood can change after just one workout? Make that an element of the bigger picture. Start with SOMETHING, ANYTHING, 4-5x week. Even if twenty minutes is all you can spare / day, make it count.

4 - Sacrifice. If you're trying to change the direction you're headed in, something's gotta give.  You have to either leave events early, skip some of them, skip that last episode and get to bed earlier... You have to make a bit of a trade. Prove to yourself that you want it, invest some of your life into it. Act the part! You need your psyche and your actions on board, and by wiggling things around to make more room for healthier eating and exercise, you are re-emphasizing this relationship every day.  It needs love and effort just like any other relationship.

Start here, and just in case you need to reminded in the thick of the dog days of summer, IT'S STILL WORTH IT.  Make a few small moves from here, and get more out of your days.