Is it possible to feel hungover from overindulging in the wrong foods?YUP.

Chemicals and additives, sugar, sodium, soy, gluten and alcohol can all lead to an increase in inflammation. This can mean that bloated feeling, redness, swelling in the joints, sore muscles, lethargy... Don't forget feeling irritable, impatient, and like you're coming up short on many fronts.

Lacking energy affects more than just feeling tired, it can also make people feel pessimistic and hopeless. And yes, foods that are far from natural can cause this over and over again.

Ask yourself how frequently you might have been indulging lately, and about the connection between that and your mood / place in life. You should be feeling vibrant, energetic, motivated, optimistic and capable on most days. If you aren't, taking a good look at your nutrition is a really wise idea.

If you follow a healthy lifestyle and only overindulge now and then, there's not too much of an invasive problem with this. However, you still might feel that hungover feeling after too much non-food! Use this as a reminder for why you should commit to and enjoy your healthier habits. They really do affect everything. When you are food hungover, sweat it out, force in some crunchy fresh greens and you'll be feeling fresh and driven again in no time.

Just for fun, this is me after eating ice cream (replace smiles with frowns and intermittent rage):