Unless you take time off, you will become bored / fall off track / stop progressing. Fact. The body can become very used to your daily routine - your routine meals and your routine workouts. And then it gets stuck or hits a plateau. Not only does your physicality get stuck, but the emotional and mental side of your wellness journey can reach a brick wall as well. Your lust for this change in your body and in your health starts to diminish... your inspiration dulls.

Not only do we have to take time off to give the body a break, and to help it to bust through a plateau (regenerate its own excitement for change), but we should also never underestimate the power of re-asserting your appreciation of a healthy lifestyle. When I indulge in too many meals out, too many drinks one night, or even a whole celebratory weekend - I am SO ready for the morning when sleep has swept the craziness away, and it is time again to eat clean and establish order. That first meal of oatmeal, some fresh vegetables and salad, a great run / yoga session... the restorative methods feel much better than had you been well-behaved (so to speak) regularly for weeks. Passion soars again, wellness floods your life. When I'm being strict or squeaky clean - as I like to call it - for too long, my body urges me to spoil it just a little. And with 100% confidence, I do so. Then, with rejuvenated spirit and intention, I get right back on board.

I shouldn't make this sound so easy. If you are trapped in the habit of binge eating (or any eating disorder), or caught in negative feelings about your body, this might prove to be more difficult. Dipping into unhealthy activities, for some, can snowball incredibly quickly. And I think the difference between being able to "dabble" and being completely swept in, lies in knowledge, experience, motivation and self-love. Some of you may need to work with a professional to learn how to really cement a healthy way of living that has its momentary indulgences / liberties.

Each of my longterm clients have found their groove of living incredibly healthfully - with time off that actually benefits the big picture of their wellness. We can laugh together about their hangover meal or their indulgences on a first date, both completely confident that we will be right back on track the next day or the next meal. This confidence comes from the knowledge of the FACTS that living is best enjoyed in great health. We love being healthy and happy more than we like to be "bad" or self-destructive. We can eat a cheeseburger on occasion, and then have our appreciation of a beautiful piece of fish and bright, nutritious vegetables restored tenfold - contributing to the higher frequency of such patterns.

If you suspect you might have trouble adopting this way of living without falling completely off the health wagon, please contact me, because I would love to help you do it. It is something everybody deserves - to live life fully, stress-free, generally well and healthy with fun liberties sketched in among the margins.

Enjoy your Monday. Work hard, be satisfied, and plan a beautiful barbecue with your most adored people next weekend, in complete confidence and appreciation for every component of your balanced life.