If you live in Toronto, you most likely know the restaurant Fresh.   If you've followed my personal or business account on Instagram, you will see that I've eaten plenty of Fresh in my life.  The juices are nourishing, the meals use real, fresh ingredients and are cravable, satisfying and delicious.

Jennifer Houston is a client of mine, and is the wonder chef behind all of the food items in the restaurants and in this cookbook.  I have been lucky enough to have been sent home after our workouts with some of her experiments which have blown my mind, and have ended up in this book (such as the Supergrain Soup, the Naked Sushi Bowl and the Phytosalad - all pictured below - to name a few).  She is so well experienced in vegetarian and vegan cooking, and has mastered making these dishes mouth-watering and straight-up addictive.  Her house is covered in resources and she has tried and tested millions of recipes in order to fine-tune the cream of the crop collection shared in the restaurants, and in this cookbook.  Yes, your favourite restaurant dishes are in this book, plus plenty of new creative ones to try or wow your guests with (including a chunk of delicious brunch ideas!)

the nourishing supergrain soupi actually salivate when I think about how good the naked sushi bowl isphytosalad - one of my top favourites

I make a pretty straightforward overnight oats recipe for my breakfasts, and had told Jen about how quick and nutritious they are.  Well, she spun this idea into some of the most delicious sounding recipes I've heard to date. Not to excessively toot your horn, Jen, but Peanut Butter Cup? Are you serious?!



Ruth Tal is the master juice mixer, and has shared her plethora of recipes in the book as well.  Their cold pressed juices are shared (I LOVE the Easy Green), but she's even spoiled us with flavour sensations such as the Red Velvet fruit smoothie, a Smashing Pumpkin power shake, a Lavender Milk supermilk and a Brazilian Nut Milk to name a small percentage!  I can feel the invigorating results of those just scanning over all the names and photos. 

The book also features ingredients to keep on hand, as well as information about these particular ingredients. This section is helpful in replenishing both your knowledge of healthful cooking, and your kitchen - to always be able to whip up something that will do you a whole lot of good. 

On top of all of the juices, smoothies and milks, the burgers, salads and special bowls, the book also shares salad dressings and sauces.  My clients are constantly asking for salad dressing recipes and asking which ones are healthiest.  While some might be higher in fats than others, these all feature exclusively REAL ingredients and healthy fats.  No messing around. 


All in all, I have been a fan and stood behind Fresh since I first discovered it, long before I ever started working with Jen.  The cravings are frequent and real, the ingredients based on whole foods, and I am so stoked that they've shared this rich resource with the public.  

Thanks Jen and Ruth for your resourcefulness, creativity, and for being so generous as to share it so extensively! Now we really have no excuse to be anything but excited about healthy fare at home.