I don't like to say "this is the answer!" like some obnoxious women's magazine."The Secret to Thin!", "Drop 5 Pounds in a Week!", "Whittle Your Middle!" Blah blah blah. And of course, many things interconnect. Hormonal balance, sleep, moving your body properly all matter a great deal in this quest.


If you want to lose body fat (among a list of one million other benefits such as warding off disease, being more productive, better moods, better sex life etc.) -- and you can only handle one informative thread of this wellness quilt, if you will -- know that it is to INVEST IN YOUR MEALS.

Everything that you put in your mouth is an investment in warding off cravings and bad lifestyle choices. If you eat balanced meals, with adequate vitamins and minerals and adequate protein, carbs and fats, your body isn't going to spike and dip and fly all over the map poking at you for chips and cookies and things. Each meal that you eat is an investment in what you'll feel like eating for the next one. Every morning, you start with an overnight fast. So, start your blood sugar off right. Get some healthy carbs, protein and a bit of healthy fat that comes from the ground (like avocado, nut butter, hemp seeds), and you'll be high in energy and alert for a good chunk of time. 200-300 calories should last you about 2-3 hours (the average person). If your breakfast is of this size, 2-3 hours later, you need a balanced snack. You don't need a lot of food, you need BALANCED food. Having all three of the macronutrients stabilizes blood sugar levels. Think about your blood sugar like your moods. If you stabilize your levels, you'll be choosing your next meal calmly and wisely, unaffected by physical highs and lows. You'll ward off "hanger" that we all know so well, which can lead you to say "F*** IT I'M HAVING A BURGER FOR LUNCH!"

The trick is to support your chemistry first. Stay stable. Be balanced and nourished. Cookies in the afternoon won't get you too excited, popcorn at night will seem pointless. It takes a little time and practice, but believe me, it works. Wouldn't it be a nice life to just not necessarily CARE about all the things you shouldn't really have? It's much easier. Use each meal to invest in not even really caring about it at all. Then, you make good choices. You move well. You accomplish things - and then you realize there is no contest in a style of living.

If you have questions, you go ahead and drop me a line.