It's funny how sometimes I'll have an idea or quasi-epiphany pop into my head, and then this idea seems to spring up in conversation around me as a theme - often not initiated by me, but others around me. It's the world saying "this is relevant to many right now, so sit your butt down and write about it." :) For a little while, I was feeling off-track. Not necessarily mentally, but physically. Sometimes after a break from training, or in my case a few too many short extensions, you can suddenly feel foreign in your own body. My shoulders were cracking, I didn't feel strong, I felt "too far gone." It wasn't a really dramatic chunk of discouragement, just a nuisance. It felt overwhelming to get back to feeling as strong as I had in the past. I felt it would take a huge amount of time and work.

Well here's the great news for when you feel overwhelmed, discouraged, and when the concept of feeling back on track is daunting: all you need is one week. I can't call this a full epiphany because I've proven this to myself probably close to 100 times over my 14 year relationship with health and fitness. This last time - I just remembered it and realized I need to spit it out so that I will remember sooner next time (there will be a next time), and so that you will also save yourself grief and pessimism when it comes to feeling strong. We all have lulls and breaks, and they're fine. They're part of it. The only dangerous part is the discouragement that repels us from jumping back in.

I will guarantee you this: if you commit and dedicate yourself to being consistent with your workouts and eating balanced, healthy meals for one week - JUST ONE - you will feel stronger, lighter, tighter, leaner, happier and more optimistic. And guess what? After one week of practicing better habits, you'll suddenly be in a different frame of mind, because that's what having nutrition in you does - that's what having done some strength building does. It changes your entire frame of mind. It makes you feel more confident in your abilities, and it also changes your chemistry to see the brighter side of things.

If you feel you have a hurdle ahead of you, go ahead and label it the ONE WEEK HURDLE and remind yourself that if you hustle for seven days, your habits will change to the point where you'll actually want to keep going. And that, friends, is what we call a snowball effect, and it leads to really tremendous accomplishments. So give yourself a little push, and reap a stress-free "let's go push things around and attack life" kind of attitude. There is no better feeling in the world than feeling strong and healthy - find out for yourself in seven days.