I chat a lot about wellness and psychology on this blog, but that's not to say that aesthetic goals go out the window. There's no shame in wanting to look (and therefore feel) your best, to get more out of your days and be bold and confident in your life! I don't talk about it as much, but this consideration goes into each and every session, as well. Looking great (by one's own standards, importantly) means feelings great. If summer is suddenly around the corner and you're not feeling aesthetically at your best, here is how to speed along the process to be feeling leaner and more fit in just a few weeks.

Schedule and stick to your workouts, no matter what. Most people should be doing about 5 good workouts / week. If you're not sure where to start, the following program is appropriate for most:

Monday - 5 minute dynamic warm-up (get blood pumping through the whole body) 30-35 minute full body carve with cardio bursts (multifunctional strength moves with a strong core focus) 5 minutes of low intensity cardio / or a little bit of dynamic stretching

Tuesday - 5 minute dynamic warm-up 25-30 minutes of cardio (go for a great sweat) 5 minutes of low intensity cardio / or a little bit of dynamic stretching

Wednesday - *same as Monday

Thursday - *same as Tuesday

Friday - *same as Monday & Wednesday

Book your workouts like appointments. If you are not working with a trainer, imagine that you are and that she will charge you if you don't show up. Stick it in your calendar. And stick to it. Remember, it's only a few weeks. By that time, you'll love your results so much you'll want to keep it going anyway.

Cut out processed foods. Starchy, salty, sugary, pre-made... it's all gone. You're going to cook meals in advance that have a quality protein, a great serving of vegetables and healthy fats. Include whole food carbohydrates such as legumes, quinoa and other quality grains.

Try to include one green smoothie and one big dark green salad / day to fill you up with nutritious volume.

Start the day with lemon water, and sip water consistently throughout the day to make sure all your organs are properly hydrated. You'll keep energy high, but you'll also keep yourself from snacking for the wrong reasons, such as low energy and dehydration.

Obivously the most important thing to do is commit. If you need to eat the same thing every day to make sure you're covering your bases, do it. It's worth it when you start to finally get the results you're after. Once you've snapped yourself into some new habits and a new way of living, you won't be as emotionally tied to the things that aren't as good for you.

TRUST YOUR TRAINER. Although sometimes we may have to work against you ("Hell no, you've got 5 more", or "Don't even think about eating fish & chips this weekend"), we have ultimately been recruited to help you get what you want. We are working in your best interest. Everything we advise comes from something that will lead to your betterment, and enjoyment of your days in the long run :)