It's no secret, stepping away from things at home sometimes helps everything to fall into place. I am one of the first ones who will vouch for hard work and consistency. Go after it, go hard, create the change you want to see in your life. Don't wait for things to happen to you, don't be passive, be proactive. Yes, I still stand by this act of taking control.

However, we all get to a place at some point or another where our grip turns to a sweaty, weak desperate clench. It becomes exhaustible and ineffective. This is where stepping away can actually encourage things to run themselves to some degree. Or to tread water, ready for you to step back in. And upon stepping away, we can reflect, reenergize and re-inspire. When we pick the reigns back up, it feels smooth and easy. I often ask my clients when their last time away was, their last unplug. It doesn't have to be a lavish vacation or even to cost a dime. But putting your whirlwind environment on a shelf for a few days can be an investment in the quality of your work AND life satisfaction upon return.

After a short break, nothing is better than the return. There is no wellness like unleashing some stress, loosening one's grip occasionally. If things start to feel noisy, perhaps it's not "them" (shenanigans, details, tidbits of tasks), but you. With the plane lowering past the CN Tower, with the return of talks and sessions with clients (and certainly with the large flake oats, berries and coconut on the stovetop) I get filled up with how on point it all feels, all over again.

When was your last unplug? Are you feeling that you are precisely where you're meant to be? The return home is the exhalation that facilitates your next moves. Exhale upon exertion. When you're due, consider this your health advice to unplug for a couple days and come back more on fire than ever.


Mm. I'd trade watery eggs and bad croissants for this any day of the week.