Or 6 thousandth.

We exercise for many reasons. Health, longevity, to prevent / ease physical pain, to prevent / ease emotional pain, to decrease stress, to boost metabolism, to improve flexibility, to keep joints fluid, to regenerate cells, to avoid threats of degenerating wellness, to boost confidence.  To live better.

Have you ever experienced the immediate euphoric state after a great workout? It's better than... almost anything.  Some workouts are so good that you feel like you are absolutely busting out of your skin, and leaving who you were an hour ago behind you.  You've become a completely different person. 

You have a majorly heightened sense of compassion for everyone whose path you cross (in one way or another).  You become more compassionate and caring for yourself.  Which is sometimes where it needs to start, and with patience.  

Your smile stretches wider. Your cells feel sparkly and light inside you.

You are more perceptive, and notice small moments that squash the bad ones because they're so admirable. 

Gateways to the arts are pushed open - you might hear a song you've heard before, but this time it'll wrap right around your bones.  Suddenly things you've wrestled with in your brain untie themselves and you have clear solutions. Cohesiveness feels like a real and very ripe concept.

If the mood isn't right, this might sound excessively emphatic. Irritating, maybe.  But these workouts exist, the effects are real.  Our physical selves are capable of so much feel. (That rhymed.)

If the other reasons weren't enough to give regular (and varied) exercise a shot most days - try this one.