Perhaps you've heard of shirataki noodles (or yam noodles) or have seen them in the grocery store. Yup, it's not a lie, they are calorie-free.  Which means, you have a nutritious meal of protein, vegetables (remember, vegetables are still carbs) and healthy fats without worrying about overloading the starch.  But, you can still have the filling satiation of a carb-laden meal during winter months.

Let's be real, we all want those cozy hot meals when it's cold outside!

Shirataki noodles can be found wet or dry, more often wet in your grocery store's tofu section. Health food stores might be a better bet for sourcing the product. They are made from the root of an Asian plant called Konjac, which has been referred to as the elephant yam. Many now simply call them yam noodles. 

You can use them anywhere you use regular noodles!  So here's what I did with mine, yesterday:

You know I'm lazy about posting recipes because I prefer to freestyle in the kitchen after knowing some very basic cooking tips. 

I heated 1 tbsp of sesame oil in a wok, then tossed in about 1 clove of chopped garlic. Once that warmed, I tossed in a whole bag of jumbo shrimp to cook. While that cooked, I chopped some fresh spinach, and I opened the bag of shirataki noodles and rinsed (and double rinsed) and drained them. I tossed in the cooked spinach, and once it glowed a richer green I threw in the noodles.  I used a couple tablespoons each of teriyaki and oyster sauce, and added another tbsp of sesame oil while I heated and mixed it all together (turning up the heat).

Bam. Too easy, right? We don't have to make our meals so complicated. And it was delicious, it tasted like demonic takeout but much easier on the bod.

Please feel free to share your recipes with me to feature on the blog so that this can become a helpful platform for ALL of us to get through the winter without eating ourselves into a cave of lethargy.


yam noodles