I had a client come in this morning who reminded me of something very important to share.Amid a period of life chaos, this client had some time off her workouts because she lacked the ability to focus on herself for a while. These things certainly happen. But during her workout today, she suddenly felt flooded with a feeling of "decadence" - being able to do something that was for her and only her. Her experience with her workouts and her body is nobody's but hers. And she realized how spa-like this felt.

Having a body with all limbs and no major discomfort or pain makes one lucky enough. But the ability to give your body the focus and attention of a good, constructive workout is a step up. It is the ultimate in self-care - and I haven't even yet touched on what a good workout does for your brain. Having that steady pump of blood circulating through, while pressing through physical resistance, does some serious sorting and lightening of the jumbled contents in your brain. And from a happiness perspective, your chemistry is altered to limit moody roadblocks.

The ability to exercise results in better sleep, less stress, better sex, better moods, better brain power, a heightened motivation, confidence, self-satisfaction, compassion, empathy, physical expression... there's not really an end to this list. There isn't any positive thing in life that exercise doesn't benefit, at least that I've come across.

Sure, it's something that we all HAVE to do in order to take care of ourselves. But it's very important to view it as something that you CAN do for yourself, luckily. It is not brushing snow off the car or paying bills - it's a decadent escape from living so outwardly. It's an investment in your own betterment. It's a time out that improves every little (or big) thing.

So try to stop thinking of it as something you dread, something that requires such output. Because something that delivers so much in return should be considered something of input, a reward, and I'd even go so far as to say one of the best things we can experience in life. It just takes a little push and practice off the jump.